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Green School

BBES Green School Bulletin Board

Welcome to the Benjamin Banneker Green School Information Station.  We are excited to share lessons with our students on being responsible caretakers of our earth.  From saving energy to the effects of storm run-off on the Chesapeake Bay, the teachers at BBES involve students.  We hope you will view our Green School Power Point to see some of the things BBES already has in place.

Below are some websites that may be helpful as you strive to be “green.”

  1. Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education
  2. National Environmental Education Foundation

BBES is recycling non-alcoholic beverage cans.  We have our recycling containers in place.  Start saving your empty cans! Thanks. 

Make a Difference Go Green!:

At the Store:

  1. Avoid buying products with excess packaging.
  2. Use a cloth chopping bag instead of paper ot plastic.
  3. Buy recycled products.
  4. Use a refillable bottle instead of buying bottled water.


  1. Plant a tree.
  2. Ride a bike instead of riding in a car.
  3. Plant a vegetable garden.
  4. Organize a litter collection crew.

At School:

  1. Convince a friend to go green.
  2. Start a recycling program at your school.
  3. Reuse school and art supplies.
  4. Carry a reusable lunchbox.

At Home:

  1. Turn off lights when you're not in the room.
  2. Turn off the faucets while you brush your teeth.
  3. Take shorter showers.
  4. Read a book instead of watching television.

Did you know that:

  1. The energy saved by recycling just one aluminum can will run a television for three hours.
  2. If you reduce your shower by one minute you can save more then 500 gallons of water a year.
  3. If every American family planted just one tree the amount of of CO2 in the atmosphere would be reduced by one billion pounds annually.